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Your MRM: Promises or performance?

Practical talk about getting real value. This guide shows you which activities are required to successfully launch and support your MRM system for maximum adoption and ROI.

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We’ve worked with hundreds of enterprise clients over a decade on continually improving our implementation and on-boarding through adoption and integration. From that experience, BrandMaker has refined a structured approach to maximizing system performance and ROI.

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  • A best practice MRM implementation approach called SmartLaunch
  • The services that are required throughout the system lifecycle
  • Marketing transformation is a journey and not a just switch that you pull at the end

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BrandMaker is your partner, not just your provider

MRM is an investment in marketing infrastructure and fundamental to a scalable marketing function and empowered teams. Better marketing starts with a smart approach to aligning people, process and technology.

At BrandMaker we’ve assisted 300+ enterprise customers along their marketing management journey.  Together we’ve answered some of the most challenges questions in their industry.

Getting the most value from your MRM tool is a team effort. We are here to help.