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Assess the Maturity of Your Marketing Operations

BrandMaker is offering the tools and insights to get you on the road to improving your marketing operations by offering you a free assessment and identifying the three paths commonly taken to operations maturity. 

Marketing Operations Maturity Check

BrandMaker has designed a marketing operations maturity map, a tool created for enterprise marketing teams to assess and increase the maturity of their marketing operations. Our maturity workspace will help you:

  • Assess the importance of the seven dimensions of marketing operations maturity and your teams performance on each.
  • Identify where your operations migration should begin.
  • Learn about the three paths commonly taken to operations maturity: Budget / Performance Management; Workflow Effectiveness; Global Asset Distribution

Simply fill out the contact form and one of our experts will contact you to walk you through our assessment tool and maturity map.

As an added bonus, you will also receive a free copy of the full Marketing Tech Monitor report.

Example of Maturity Model marketing operations map

Mapping your marketing operations plan

7 Dimensions of Marketing Operations Maturity

Access your own marketing ops maturity with our free online tool. Use our spider graph to map your strengths and areas for improvement, and even the importance of each capability to your operations.

Want to learn more?

Our new whitepaper The Next Evolution in Enterprise Marketing Operations illuminates the way to marketing ops maturity through automation, digitalization, and integration.

Whitepaper: the next evolution in enterprise marketing operations