BrandMaker Podcast: Episode 2

Episode 2

In the second episode in the Brandmaker series, we talk to Diane Hagglund to hear about Dianne’s experience spearheading marketing operations and insights gleaned from research she and her team conduct among the marketing community today. Diane is founder & CEO of Dimensional Research, the market research company which specializes in technology companies and whose clients include CA Technologies, Dell, HP, Spirent, Splunk, VMWare.

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Marketing Operations Podcast - BrandMaker


Diane Hagglund
Founder of Dimensional Research

Diane Hagglund is the founder of Dimensional Research. Her passion is making data approachable and actionable. Diane is educated as a mathematician, so appreciates rigor and structure. She has worked in marketing leadership roles during her corporate career, and learned the importance of messaging, strategy, and execution. Her global campaign responsibilities included spearheading the new marketing operations discipline and leading the acquisition of the associated martech stack.

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