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Build the Business Case for Improving Your Marketing Operations

Your Marketing Operations ROI Assessment

The ROI assessment lets you and your team assess the untapped potential ROI in your marketing operations. In just 4 steps, BrandMaker will facilitate sessions with your internal stakeholders to help you develop a clear, compelling business case for improvement.

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1. Set the Scope

Together we define the ROI assessment scope, like business units, regions, and brands. We align on the overall expectations and approach and select the participants. A list of required input data will be shared.

2. Collect the Data

We will use a mix of hard facts and calibrated estimates to fill any remaining data gaps. Numbers will be crunched and added to the ROI calculator.

3. Run the Scenarios

In a group session, we run multiple scenarios and quantify the total impact on team productivity, agency collaboration, campaign effectiveness, marketing & sales alignment, brand value, and market agility.

4. Deliver the Business Case

After we agreed on the preferred project scenario, we deliver the business case, including NPV calculation, in a ready to share format.

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You know how central marketing operations is to everything the marketing team and its partners do.

Creating the case with all stakeholders is the key to building consensus and commitment. The trained consultants at BrandMaker can help with a professional facilitated assessment for just $8,500.


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