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Inefficiency drives us mad. That’s why our consulting team works as hard helping customers get up and running as we do continually improving our software.

From software adoption to operations excellence

Acronyms are odd. Take SaaS. ‘Software as a Service’. Guess what part of that is usually overlooked – service! At BrandMaker, we take the phrase seriously. Buying software means nothing unless it improves the way you run your marketing operations.

BrandMaker Consulting Service Team

Consulting Team

Your Tech Team Experts

Marketing expertise that rubs off
Your BrandMaker services team is focused on just one task every day – helping leading marketers run marketing operations more effectively.

Technical experts – so you don’t have to be
We get it. You were hired to run marketing, not run software. That’s our job. We make stuff run. It’s just our German DNA working to your advantage.

Strategic partners to help you achieve your goals
We make software but we know the real point is to make people work together more efficiently and effectively! Our goal is to help you achieve your goals.

Best Practice Methodology

The science of successful implementations

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Smart Launch Principles

We have made a science of implementation excellence working with marketing teams around the world. We apply smart principles and best practices to create a custom launch plan with you reflecting your team structure and project experience.

Agile, phased, or waterfall

We want to get you really using BrandMaker ASAP, so we will work with you the way you are most comfortable - agile, phased, or waterfall. As a software company, we are especially skilled at working with customers in pure agile mode for accelerated impact.

Co-Delivery for Co-Success

We know that your success is our only success, so we actively engage your team up-front in the design and implementation phases as well as in setting requirements, to maximize knowledge transfer to your team. We’re serious about this. Just ask our customers.

Beyond Implementation: ICRS

We apologize for another acronym, but we created ICRS based on years of helping enterprise customers optimize their marketing operations. We work with you to apply Internal Success Communication, Change Management, Roll-out, and/or Sustainability Principles to maximize adoption.

Start on the Road to Better Operations Today

Your competitors don’t want you to contact us. What are you going to do about that?