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Campaign Planning & Execution

It’s not your imagination. Marketing has gotten harder. Enterprise marketers today manage 6x as many campaigns – but with just 1/6 the time to complete them!

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Optimize campaign impact and efficiency

Streamline project management across multiple geographies, stakeholders, and agencies with a single, central point of information and direction.


Make your campaign work really flow

Manage campaigns more efficiently so you make your campaigns more effective. BrandMaker can reduce cycle times of standardized jobs up to 50%.

Increase efficiency, speed and control

Automate your campaign workflows to simplify collaboration. Get more useful tips in our eBook.

eBook: 9 Tips on Optimizing Campaign and Work Management

Engineer more time for more creativity

Codify & scale your campaign management best practices

More time for more creativity

Your marketing operations can be optimized and scaled more easily by letting software do what it does best – organize and run systems. Imbed best practices throughout your system more quickly and easily – so you can do the creative work humans do best.

Control over your campaign calendar

Run calendars for marketing campaigns in a way that just isn’t possible by emailing shared spreadsheets. Get the flexibility to transform traditional waterfall processes to more flexible and cost-efficient Kanban agile workflows.

Cut waste by cutting through fog

Increase your impact by focusing your efforts where they will really count. Focus your team’s precious time with a system that has reduced approval lead times up to 45 % and product cancellations up to 60 %.

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Make your campaign planning and execution more effective.

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We wanted to achieve greater transparency in the marketing activities of our subsidiaries and campaigns internationally, and to manage them more efficiently and cost-effectively. Our high expectations of the BrandMaker system were met 100%.

Tina Bergner
Senior Manager Marketing Operations, Rodenstock

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