Orchestrate your campaigns and marketing spend

Streamline processes from ideation to distribution

Manage content in any format and for any device

Build, share and protect the brand on all touchpoints

Collaborate with local partners to boost mutual success

Your starting point for the operative implementation of all your marketing measures

The core module for your project and workflow management

Coordinate your marketing efforts with fast approvals and transparent reviews

Consolidate key figures from all sources and display them  in dashboards

Centralize and execute your brand management in one portal to maintain your CI

Maintain your digital library with our Digital Asset Management system

Manage your product information in a neutral format for ideal reuse

Adapt and localize high-quality marketing materials compliant with your design

Say goodbye to complex orders via e-mail and automate your booking process

Forward your marketing assets quickly and professionally to interested parties

Simplify the implementation of campaigns and centralize postings for your social media channels

Leverage adaptive integrations with a variety of applications to automate data exchange

Enterprise-grade implementation for your marketing processes

Our roll-out methodology “Smart Launch” will bring you the fastest “time-to-value”

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Marketing Resource Management

Content Creation Management

Collaborate to create the most compelling and relevant customer experiences. BrandMaker provides the tools to streamline the content creation process from ideation to distribution.

BrandMaker was recognized as a leader in The Forrester Wave™: MRM

Unlock creativity

According to analyst group Gartner, in 2020 “content will become marketing’s biggest bottleneck”. Marketers are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of new channels and devices that all need engaging content. Without a smooth content creation process, and tooling to guide the participants, marketing operations gets stuck. The best software for content workflows provides enterprise-level capabilities that are integrated with other sales and marketing functions to ensure a controlled content flow across the enterprise.


Let creativity flow in a natural way and keep things going till they’re done. From briefing agencies to designing promotions, manage and execute the content creation process with the right people, priority and compliance level. Pick Kanban style workspaces or more strict processes where required, and create full visibility on the status of a creative workflow.

Increase speed-to-market

Implement best practice workflows and dramatically shorten the content creation process without skipping important steps.

Guarantee content quality

Structure and track creative feedback, and ensure product info is correct, within brand guidelines and compliant with legislation.

Improve agency collaboration

Brief agencies and share all project information in one overview to reduce the number of iterations, and the total amount on the invoice.


Simply add on functionality as needed to optimize creative agency collaboration, distribute content to marketing fulfillment partners or facilitate the sales channel.

Kickstart projects

Provide clarity right from the start. Each marketing project has its own job file that records all relevant information, such as the participants, tasks, status, design information, reviews and deadlines.

Brief agencies

Pick the briefing template that fits the purpose. Inherit information from the overarching campaign to minimize the amount of data entry and attach examples and results from previous projects.

Online Approvals

Manage annotations, document comments and track creative approvals with the internal team or with agencies. Guarantee the quality of files, images, videos and text.

Adobe integrated

Edit in Adobe® InDesign® and automatically file into the BrandMaker Digital Asset Management tool, maintaining the links between objects. Store the approved hi-res source files once, then download or share in whatever target format is required. The built-in version control assures that the latest assets are always available.

One connected platform
throughout your enterprise

No core technology can operate as an island. That’s why BrandMaker has built world-class integrations with a variety of other enterprise management software components. The net result is one connected MRM software platform that increases data accuracy, reduces administrative burden and boosts productivity.

This is how our toolset for Content Creation
will help you grow your business

Unified collaboration

Unify coordination and communication by providing one optimized touchpoint for your teams and service providers.

Clean versioning

Smoothen workflows by avoiding versioning issues due to central data management and clear status driven processes.

Less administrative burden

Reduce administrative friction using a scalable toolset that leverages the work of content creators and marketing services on time and within budget.


Planning & Budget Management

Orchestrate your campaigns and marketing spend

Digital Asset Management

Manage content in any format and for any device


Build, share and protect the brand on all touchpoints


Collaborate with local partners to boost mutual success

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