BrandMaker for the Manufacturing Industry

The pandemic hit manufacturing hard. Many companies were forced to shut down or continue to operate under extremely uncertain conditions. Resiliency, agility and cost management became a key focus.

manufacturing Challenge 1

Challenge 1:

Managing Costs in Unsure Times Is Difficult

The focus needs to be on enterprise-wide value creation efforts to improve shareholder value by driving efficiencies and focusing on cost-reduction with quantifiable, immediate reporting.

Our Solution:

BrandMaker’ Finance & Budget Management enables CMOs to approach marketing planning and management from a financial perspective and to changes in real time.

manufacturing Challenge 2

Challenge 2:

Leveraging Existing, Disparate Data Is Hard

By focusing on ways to better use the abundance of existing data, manufacturers can leverage existing assets and investments to generate near-term value.

Our Solution:

BrandMaker’s Performance Measurement & Optimization combines performance monitoring and reporting from all data silos into a holistic, intuitive, single source of truth. compliant with local regulations.

manufacturing Challenge- 3

Challenge 3:

Reducing Costs without Data Is Flying Blind

Global marketers can save significant time and money while improving effectiveness and efficiency running campaigns and other marketing activities across all regions and channels.

Our Solution:

BrandMaker’s Marketing & Campaign Planning enables comprehensive, end-to-end campaign efficiency through real-time transparency, data, and reporting.

Case Studies: TMD
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BrandMaker offers us the greatest possible flexibility. Each of the marketing colleagues can structure the marketing plan as they need it and as it makes sense for their area - whether by category, country, or customer. Since the regions sometimes differ greatly, this is a huge advantage for us.

Stephan Giesecke
Head of Regional Marketing, TMD Friction

95% less Excel imports and thus a significant reduction in manual effort, elapsed time, and errors.
95% less Excel imports and thus a significant reduction in manual effort, elapsed time, and errors.
33% reduction in resources required.
33% reduction in resources required.

Case Study: Rodenstock

The BrandMaker Marketing Planner enables a high level of transparency at the granular level of detail of the individual projects. All expenditures can be viewed at any time with just a few clicks and can be continuously adjusted.

Case Studies: Rodenstock

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