BrandMaker for the Services Industry

Service businesses are having to change their operating models and methods to cut costs, implement the latest technologies, and digitize almost all their analog operations.

Services challenge 1

Challenge 1:

Client Expectations: A Moving Target

Intensified by rapid digital innovation, clients now expect more value, a higher quality of work, and a faster delivery of solutions and services from their service providers.

Our Solution:

BrandMaker’s Work & Resource Management provides marketers with a central platform to manage, control, and optimize workflows and workloads of their teams.

Services challenge 2

Challenge 2:

Too Much Data, Too Little Time

Companies are tapping into multiple data sources to gain insight into customer preferences and behavior, preventing the aggregation of data and jeopardizing data quality.

Our Solution:

BrandMaker’s Performance Measurement & Optimization combines performance monitoring and reporting from all data silos into a holistic, intuitive single source of truth.

Services challenge 3

Challenge 3:

The Inability to Adjust Content in Real-time

The ability to adapt campaigns to local market requirements is a distinct competitive advantage in today’s changing marketing environments.

Our Solution:

BrandMaker’s Marketing & Campaign Planning

product enables end-to-end campaign management through real-time transparency, and tracking from initiation to campaign completion.

Congstar Use Case
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BrandMaker brings our marketing budget managers real-time cost attribution across all budgets. Combined with reliable performance measurement, we are able to adjust budgets and significantly optimize marketing ROI.

Dr. Peter Opdemom
Managing Director congstar

High transparency of marketing budgeting across multiple divisions.
High transparency of marketing budgeting across multiple divisions.
Real-time insight into campaign performance and faster, more informed budget decisions.
Real-time insight into campaign performance and faster, more informed budget decisions.
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