BrandMaker for the Technology Industry

There is no shortage of challenges for the tech industry, now and in the future. Providing needed solutions in the midst of change, as Covid-19 has shown, impacts budgets, productivity, and agility.

technology challenge 1

Challenge 1:

Reporting Delays Sink Budget Reconciliations

Managing through budget constraints and staying on top of budgets across the organization is both a priority and a challenge for tech firms.

Our Solution:

BrandMaker Finance & Budget Management enables data-driven budget decisions anytime, anywhere. Manage and optimize budgets via real-time reporting and control.

technology challenge 2

Challenge 2:

Inefficient Workflows Challenge Productivity

The tech industry experiences significant losses every year by not being able to adequately monitor and manage resource allocation and prioritization.

Our Solution:

BrandMaker Work & Resource Management provides global marketers with an agile, central platform to manage, control and optimize workflows, and the entire workload of their teams.  

technology challenge 3

Challenge 3:

Without Data, Decisions Become Guesses

There is a compelling need to control and measure marketing and campaign performance across multiple internal and external stakeholders with a single point of truth.

Our Solution:

BrandMaker Performance Measurement & Optimization enables you to monitor the progress of your teams to make informed decisions in real-time.

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