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Digital Transformation & Marketing Ops Maturity

Marketers long ago adopted ‘digital marketing’, but the move to “running marketing digitally” has lagged behind. Enterprise marketing is too complex to continue to manage manually.

The heart of marketing’s digital transformation

Marketing ops is at the center of the digital transformation of marketing encompassing campaign planning, to resource allocation, to budgeting. Digitization yields ops maturity. Research shows the maturity of marketing ops directly impacts ROI.

What BrandMaker delivers

Our solutions for accelerating digital transformation & marketing ops maturity

Agile marketing planning

Annual planning cycles are outmoded but hard to change.

Gain the intelligence and insight into campaign performance to refine marketing planning, and the agility to react quickly on market situations.

Real time resource allocation

Actual budgets are hard to monitor and adjust in a timely manner.

Track performance accurately and in real-time to direct reallocation of content and budget so your impact and ROI are maximized.

Reduce time-to-market to meet customers’ needs

Campaigns planning takes weeks to complete and is hard to adjust.

Set up and automate content development, review, and approval processes. Provide assets and guidelines for local adjustments to exceed customer expectations.

Improve your Digital Transformation & Marketing

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