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Global Asset Distribution

Many global companies struggle with multiple asset distribution systems and processes around the world – diluting asset control and risking brand compliance.

Right asset @ right place & right time = right process!

Asset management systems often fail to deliver their full potential because they are not integrated with each other, or with the other contiguous systems or processes like content development, campaign management, measurement, and budgeting. 

What BrandMaker delivers

Send right assets to right markets – right on time

Send right assets to right markets – right on time

Distribute more versions of more content to more segments in less time.

Provide central access to up-to-date content. Integrate all DAMs for one source of truth. Empower marketers and agencies with the ability to access, organize, and share assets.

Give & control local access to approved assets

Control access to, and the ability to personalize content.

Give users with role- and action-specific access to relevant assets. Provide templates and guidelines to maintain compliance. Track usage and performance.

Optimize how all assets are used

Optimizing your investment in content.

Know which assets are used, and which are not. Learn how and why they are used. Empower teams to adapt materials without the expense of a designer. Know what works and how it works best.

Improve your Global Asset Distribution

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