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Visibility & Transparency

Marketers always struggle to get a clear view of accurate data and metrics at the right time. BrandMaker delivers one platform that provides visibility into local, regional and global activities.

You can’t manage what you cannot see

With an average of 90 tools in their martech stacks, marketers have enough data…but does it deliver clarity or confusion? Do you have a single source of truth? Knowledge and confidence is quantifiable key to finding opportunities for improvement.

What BrandMaker delivers

Our solutions for increasing visibility & transparency

A clear view of team workloads

Marketing demands daily changes, making manual load-balancing a  tedious, time consuming task.

See each team’s workload as it is right now. Accurately manage and track working hours to maximize team productivity and engagement.

Realtime flexible budget visibility

Budget data is always out of date, making it impossible to rapidly shift resources.

Track and manage financial data from ERP, procurement systems, and digital channels. See what has been spent and what remains by campaign, locality, product line, and more.

Manage campaigns more effectively

Tracking campaign performance and making course corrections is slow, incomplete, and inaccurate.

Track campaign KPIs in real-time  to facilitate adjustments as needed. Systematically realign timing and resources to respond to changing business goals.

Improve operations visibility & transparency

Schedule a consultation with our experienced marketing ops specialists to prioritize your path to performance gains.