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Performance Measurement & Optimization

Having the ability to know, optimize, and demonstrate your contribution is simply a requirement of marketing today... but connecting the silos to measure it is elusive.

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Performance monitoring across all your silos​

Optimize your resource allocation, marketing contribution, and company results with intelligence from customized dashboards and a single source of truth derived from data anywhere in your stack.


The power of knowing

Imagine knowing how each marketing element is performing… in real time. BrandMaker can improve profit margins up to 2.5% based on smarter resource allocation.


Find the performance intelligence in your stack

BrandMaker monitors metrics from anywhere in your system

Monitor performance in real time

BrandMaker gives you the visibility to know how well KPIs are being met at the campaign, program, region, or brand level. Make your objectives measurable, and share target numbers with the team and stakeholders by adding structure, simplicity and quality to your planning process.

Optimize marketing performance

Increase your team productivity and even your profit margin by measuring and optimizing campaign performance in real-time. Marketers have increased team productivity 13% and increased their profit margin 2.5% due to better resource allocation with BrandMaker.

Prove your contribution

Do you have the data to state your case to finance and the board? You need a system that can deliver the data. Create a single source of truth with all data gathered centrally regardless of source so you can demonstrate impact in minutes instead of days.

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Make your performance measurement and optimization more effective.

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With BrandMaker there’s so much less pain. We are much more efficient.

Vicki Frost
Strategic Content & Campaigns Director, Vertiv

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