BrandMaker for Content Managers

Content Managers need to develop the content marketing strategy, channel plans, and craft and distribute relevant content to regional managers across the globe.

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Content Managers need to ensure that content is created and aligned with strategy, but critical approvals are often delayed by manual processes that simply can’t keep up.

Content creation processes are uncoordinated, making it extremely difficult to manage multiple creative agencies. This results in delays that consume valuable time.

Rapid time to market
Rapid time to market
Streamlined creation processes
Streamlined creation processes
Automated localization
Automated localization
Transparent workflows and resources
Transparent workflows and resources
Measure and improve content performance
Measure and improve content performance

How BrandMaker helps

Content Manager at work

Structured, Repeatable Processes

Improved efficiency with automated content reviews, workflows, and approvals to streamline global content distribution and utilization.

Streamlined Localization

Easily combine product data with assets to produce localized advertising material for processing directly to print shops and media agencies.

Global Visibility of Content

Greater control over the content development process, along with how and where that content is being used for brand consistency.

Efficiently Manage Agencies

Extend visibility and control of content creation by external content creators to ensure that projects remain on time and budget.

Coordinated Content Creation

Briefings across all internal and external stakeholders via a single source of truth to view, edit, and manage content creation.

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7 Hints to Improve your Content Strategy

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7 Hints to Improve Your Content Strategy

In our BrandMaker eBook and webinar we offer 7 hints to help you manage your content strategy efficiently and effectively.

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