BrandMaker for Campaign Managers

Campaign Managers wear many hats. Not only do they plan and execute campaigns, but they need to juggle budgets, team performance, and a growing stable of project agencies to create effective content.

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Without access to data across all siloed apps, campaign managers struggle to plan, control, and measure campaigns in real time – and cannot effectively demonstrate marketing ROI.

Managers cannot react to changing market conditions due to lack of visibility, collaboration, and automated processes. Delayed approvals cause campaign dates to slip – or be cancelled. Finding approved assets is frustrating and not always successful.

Connectivity to quantify ROI
Connectivity to quantify ROI
Agility to shift to top-performing activities
Agility to shift to top-performing activities
Gain campaign visibility
Gain campaign visibility
Optimize budget spend
Optimize budget spend
Maximize global collaboration & automated processes
Maximize global collaboration & automated processes

How BrandMaker helps

Campaign Manager at work

All Campaign Information

Current information on every aspect of each campaign greatly improves time to market for a competitive advantage.

Real-time Budget Transparency

Full financial visibility across regions to identify over- and under-spending to shift budgets to top performing activities for maximum ROI.

Assets Optimized for Localization

Easily modify brand compliant marketing materials to local and individual needs without the expense of professional designers.

Seamless Global Collaboration

Every stakeholder – internally and externally – can access plans, reviews, approvals, and workflows to enable more efficient collaboration.

Workflows Built for the Enterprise

Optimize marketing ops at scale by easily embedding best practices within the system’s automated workflows for consistency and repeated use.

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9 Tips on Optimizing Campaign Planning & Execution

Campaign managers need a single source of truth: A central location where anyone
can access any campaign information in real time from anywhere in the world.

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