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CMOs rely on their team for critical marketing and KPI reports to allow them to make strategic decisions, but siloed data causes frustration and delays.

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The lack of real-time visibility on projects and campaigns leads to disruptive and costly fire drills as their team chases down data and reports spread across the martech stack

Without real-time data from all marketing data silos the ability to optimize campaigns, content creation, and workflows is hindered, impacting performance and brand management consistency.  

Agility to respond to changes and planning
Agility to respond to changes and planning
Concise dashboard reporting
Concise dashboard reporting
Reduce fire drills
Reduce fire drills
Eliminate spreadsheet wrangling
Eliminate spreadsheet wrangling
Real-time KPI tracking
Real-time KPI tracking

How BrandMaker helps

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Demonstrate Marketing ROI

Quantify marketing performance based on unprecedented visibility into budgets, people, workflows, content, and global performance.

Rapid and Strategic Decision Making

Proactive monitoring for the agility to respond to market changes, increasing performance while keeping projects on budget.

Consistent Brand Management

Gain confidence that the latest, approved assets are being used in each region by consolidating them into a single source of truth.

Improved Customer Experiences

Unify the complexity of product portfolios and adapt content to local and regional needs through content consumption analysis.

Drive Effective Collaboration

Allocate resources based on capacity for improved efficiency of campaign creation and workflows to maximize marketing spends.

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A CMO Survey

The State of Marketing Operations

Now more than ever, CMOs are focused on ROI and business impact. In collaboration with Dimensional Research, BrandMaker surveyed more than 100 marketing executives of global enterprises. Get insights into their shared experiences and perspectives on marketing ops in 2021.

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