BrandMaker for Marketing Finance Managers

Finance Managers are the bridge between marketing and finance, ensuring that marketing spend is aligned to campaign performance – but significant roadblocks stand in their way.

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Finance Managers cannot demonstrate marketing ROI due to disconnects and delays in financial reporting and analysis, reducing agility and real-time decision making.

Budget approval processes are significantly delayed due to inefficient spreadsheet and email-driven workflows and communication. Finance Managers cannot provide the CMO with timely, up-to-date marketing performance and spend reporting.

Real-time budget shifts
Real-time budget shifts
Seamless integration of financial data
Seamless integration of financial data
Finance tracking to quantify ROI
Finance tracking to quantify ROI
Automated budget approval alerts
Automated budget approval alerts
Accurate budget forecast simulations
Accurate budget forecast simulations

How BrandMaker helps

Marketing Finance Manager at work

Agile Control of Marketing Investments

The knowledge of what has been planned, what has been spent, and what remains provides the confidence to accurately forecast ongoing spend.

AI Recommendations Improve Performance

Automated review of planned campaigns and budget allocations via AI to identify outliers and make suggestions that optimize performance.

Automate Complex Accounting Tasks

Automatically import and split purchase orders and invoices in multi-currency campaigns to accurately attribute costs to budgets.

Connectivity for Data-driven Decisions

Integration with all relevant systems, such as ERP, procurement, and digital channels for data-driven budget management and approvals.

Keep Track on Budget Releases and Approvals

Speed-up and automate budget processes and approvals with efficient repeatable, best-practice workflows.

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